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What is a security x-ray machine?

A security x-ray machine is a device that uses a low measure of penetrating radiation to examine and detect both metallic and non-metallic items.

The machine is used to screen items non-intrusively.

You judge the capability of a security x-ray machine by looking for the specific features that help it to offer reliable safety measures to your facilities and staff.

The security of your business, whether small or large, is paramount.

Indeed, it is one of the main reasons companies today find it worth investing in the right type of security x-ray machine. 

Today, security X-Ray Machines can be categorized into two; X-ray baggage scanners and X-ray body scanners.

The security X-ray machines help check your passengers and their languages to ensure that your premises and assets are safe. 

Today, new and sophisticated technologies are being developed such that security personnel have to deal with explosives, fatal weapons, and narcotics daily.

Shippers must inspect Dangerous cargo with security X-ray machines, or it might end up in the wrong hands or across borders. 

Besides, you want to ensure that crowded events and busy arenas are 100% secured if at all you want to keep the public and your VIPs safe.

Types of security x-ray machines

X-ray Scanners

This helps eliminate reliance on human intervention hence the human error.

Investing in an x-ray scanner will efficiently and quickly help detect any dangerous and harmful items before finding their way into the premises.

X-ray scanners are mainly designed to effectively serve at airports, parcel services, and customs facilities where high and reliable security screening is critical.

X-rays scanners include high-resolution imaging, high accuracy, and easy startup operation.

They are designed to screen small to medium-sized products effectively, e.g., briefcases, carry-on bags, parcels, and mail trays.

Explosive Detection Equipment

Security personnel, law enforcers, and customs agents use daily narcotics and explosive detection equipment. 

Chemical warfare agents, explosives, and narcotics are a significant threat to civilians and critical infrastructure. 

Explosive detection equipment embraces chemiluminescence to instantly detect military, homemade and commercial explosives such as plastics, ICAO taggants, black powder, ammonium nitrate, and other TATP and nitrates.

They are designed to withstand a harsh environment and rough handling.

Resistant to a wide range of contamination such as terrain, weather, dirt, humidity, and dust

Instant identification of vapours and particulates.

No need for carrier gasses or radioactive isotopes.

Metal Detection x-ray machine

The walk-through metal detector is designed and engineered to serve the specific security needs at extensive public facilities such as Industrial Plants, Airports, Hotels, Schools, City halls, and Amusement parks.

The advanced technology supports a high flow rate of people via the main entrance gate and a minimum number of unwanted alarms and personal effects like keys, coins, and buckles that can pass through the machine’s magnetic fields without unnecessarily raising the alarm.

Security x-ray machine applications

X-ray systems are critical gears for screening items such as parcels, mail, baggage, cargo, suspect packages, vehicles, and IEDs for customs, security, and defence reasons.

The security x-ray machine identifies any harmful metallic, organic, and inorganic materials.

Different materials have different rates at which they absorb x-rays.

Security x-ray machines place a dangerous item by viewing the atomic number and mass density of the substances of the particular material passing through the machine.

For example, explosives are typically made using organic materials, making it possible for the personnel to analyze the x-ray scanner screen to identify threats.

Suppose a specific object’s density and mass fall under a particular range, usually indicated with red warming. In that case, the security x-ray machine produces a warming sound to warn about a possibly dangerous object.