Our customers have recognized Trident as the best in class for short lead times, on-time delivery and world-class service. We provide expert technical service, a range of installation options and an extensive parts inventory to all of our customers worldwide. We even have the capability to service some competitor’s equipment as we believe in exceeding customer expectations and going above and beyond what an average equipment manufacturer will provide.


– Tool Start up Installation Assistance/ International Warranty Support/ Preventive Maintenance/ Process Support Package
– Tool De-installation, Re-Installation and Relocation service package
– Tool Refurbishment and Custom Feature Upgrade
– Integrated Services


Why is Temperature Calibration So Important?

Ovens and Chambers are critical thermal tools being used in many manufacturing processes and there is a tendency for results and accuracy to ‘drift’ particularly when the component are subjected to elevated temperatures. Calibration defines the accuracy and quality of measurements recorded using a piece of equipment that is traceable to a defined standard. In order to be confident in the calibration results being measured, there is an ongoing need to service and maintain the equipment throughout its lifetime for reliable, accurate and repeatable measurements.

Some of our customer prefers us to do a pre-calibration survey test to determine the tool status before running a full audit to fulfill the required standards that is important for their industry. We provide Temperature Uniformity Survey and Pre-Calibration services for the following tools:

Temperature Oven

  • Solution Heat Treatment Furnaces
  • Temperature Chamber
  • Plasma chambers
  • Reflow oven
  • ALD Chambers
  • Fast Firing Solar Furnaces
  • AMS2750E specification Ovens and Chambers

X-ray and Trace Detection

Why is it important to engage our services for Autoclear X-ray and Scintrex Explosive Narcotics Trace Detection Equipment?

Trident Electronics Technologies Pte Ltd is the appointed sales and service center of Autoclear and Scintrex in Asia.


Every new X-ray or Trace Detection Systems shipped to our customer is installed by our local service team in the country you resided in accordance to manufacturer’s guideline. Our staffs speak in your local language, therefore able to understand your requirement much better and apply the setting and funtion that suits your application.

At the end of each installation, there will be an operation training session to familiarize each user with the tool.

Our team is able to repair and supply all components of X-ray machine and Trace Detection System.

We have ample spare parts in our depot and is able to provide factory-trained engineers to be dispatch on site your location to perform system assessment, breakdown repair, as well localise calibration to bring the system back to manufacturer’s specification without the need ship the tool back to factory.