We offer a broad range of equipment solutions for semiconductor packaging, testing and inspection processes. Drawing on its 15 years of experience and technology know – how, Trident always promptly review customer’s requirement as time is of essence in the competitive semiconductor industry. We have capable technology partners for standard process tools as well as for developing custom process equipment for advanced IC packaging involving the deployment of laser, vision, spray coat, atmospheric plasma, thermal tools coupling with automation solution. Trident offers customer total solutions for diverse automation equipment.


Trident Electronics Technologies Pte Ltd partners with Despatch Industries to provide the electronics industry with the highest standard of production ovens. Despatch manufactures high tolerance, high performance ovens for many complex process suitable for high volume applications. Trident’s experienced sales and service team provides best in class support in the industry.

Convection heating is widely used for many heating application in the Semiconductor, Electronics and HDD industry as it provides the most flexible means of heat transfer to bulk product load that is unmatched by other heating means.


Electronic Devices and Semiconductor: Adhesive bonding and curing, Encapsulant curing, Underfill curing of CMOS optical sensors, Die attach and BGA, B-Stage adhesive curing, Reliability testing, Polyimide curing, Burn-in and testing, Metalic thin film annealing, Polyimide curing, Photoresist curing, Reliability testing

Advanced Packaging: Class 100 Wafer Annealing oven, WLCSP, Wafer Bake Oven, FOWLCSP oven, Panel Level Packaging oven, DA oven, PMC oven,Die Attach oven, Plating Annealing oven, EWLB oven, Conveyor oven, Polyimide Oven.

Electronic Components: Pre-Heating, Bake Out, Drying, Curing, Annealing,


Trident Electronics Technologies Pte Ltd partners with USI to provide the electronics industry with the highest standard of spray coaters for advanced packaging needs. USI’s PRISM line of high performance spray coating systems, which provide greater process control and uniformity than conventional air-atomizing or ultrasonic spray nozzle-based coating systems at thousands of installations worldwide spanning solar (silicon and thin-film), fuel cell, display, semiconductor, nanotechnology, electronics assembly, medical devices, and other applications. USI’s nozzle-less design delivers 5x thinner coatings with transfer efficiency of up to 99%. USI’s product line includes PRISM-400, PRISM-500,PRISM-800,PRISM-1200 for larger format coating applications as well as the PV-360 for the application of dopants to solar wafers.


Photoresist coating, Fuel Cell Coating, EMI Shielding Coating,Solar Cell Dopants, Medical coating, Large Glass coating.


Trident Electronics Technologies Pte Ltd partners with MCT to provide the industry with lowest cost of test with their highest standard of strip test handlers. Worldwide LLC, (MCT) designs, manufactures, markets, services and distributes strip test handlers, film frame handlers, and strip laser markers for the semiconductor industry. In a world increasingly dependent on semiconductors, MCT Worldwide brings solutions that enable the industry to drive down the cost of testing IC’s. MCT’s products enable manufacturers to reliably and accurately test semiconductor devices, even as they become smaller and more complex.


Strip Testing, High Parallelism IC testing, Tri-temperature testing, Film Frame Strip Testing, Laser Marking, High Current Test.

SurfX Technologies

Trident Electronics Technologies Pte Ltd partners with SurfX Technologies to provide the Semicon advanced packaging industry with the lowest cost of plasma process deployment on a per strip level. SurfX Technologies provides turnkey systems for surface treatment of just about any part, regardless of size, shape, or production quantity. The process tools are unsurpassed in versatility, speed, selectivity, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. SurfX Technologies has a full range of turnkey equipment platforms to support customers’ needs from research and development to high-speed production systems.


SurfX Technologies’ atmospheric plasma technology allows in-situ plasma surface treatment without the need of a vacuum chamber. This unique feature allows endless application possibilities for Cu Leadframe cleaning, stacking dies, 2.5D and 3-D advanced wafer packaging.


Trident Electronics Technologies Pte Ltd partners with Plasma Etch to provide the electronics industry with the most competitive priced Plasma Chambers. Plasma Etch, Inc. holds several patents for the invention, development, and manufacturing of groundbreaking innovations that have paved the way for plasma technology and the enhancement of quality manufacturing everywhere. These patented features have been a unique asset to the Plasma Etch, Inc. product line. Our equipment sets the standard for reliability, speed, and uniformity in plasma processing.


  • Oxygen Plasma Treatment
    Oxygen plasma treatment is the most common form of dry etching in use today. Oxygen (sometimes mixed with Argon) is used to treat aluminum and stainless steel surfaces as well as glass, plastics, and ceramics.
  • PCB Etching Machines
    PCB etching machines allow plasma etching on printed circuit boards.
  • Plasma Activation
    Activating a surface with slight modifications will allow for better printing or bonding.
  • Plasma Functionalization
    Functionalization improves adhesive properties such as bondability and paintability.
  • Plasma Cleaning
    Plasma cleaning is the process of cleaning a product to increase its ability to be printed on or bonded to. The goal of plasma cleaning is to remove organic surface contaminants.
  • Plasma Etching
    Plasma etching is similar to plasma cleaning. However, in plasma etching, the goal is to remove a layer of the product being treated.
  • Plasma Polymerization
    Plasma polymerization is commonly used to prevent silicon products from sticking together.
  • Plasma Surface Modification
    Plasma treat your product’s surface to accept either a bond or an ink for printing. Often used on Teflon or plastics, plasma surface modification actually modifies the surface of the material, leaving behind free radicals and allowing it to bond to glue or ink.
  • Reactive Ion Etching
    Reactive ion etching (RIE) plasma surface treatment is used to etch (remove material) from treated surfaces in one direction. Our RIE systems are configured to etch straight down from the top with minimal side to side etching.

Jabil Precision Automation

Trident Electronics Technologies Pte Ltd partners with Jabil Precision Automation (formerly known as Chad Automation) to provide the electronics industry with the highest standard of wafer EFEM automation . Jabil Precision Automation provides leading-edge precision automation solutions to the equipment manufacturers around the world. The team revels in the opportunity to meet challenges of precision alignment, handling, or assembly processes. The team starts each project with a structured design process and their expert cross-funtional engineering team’s knowledge, many off-the-shelf robots and assembly systems can be deployed into the design; when necessary, they are capable to design and fabricate components to submicron accuracy to build your next generation products.